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In Kiev, there was a triple murder

В Киеве произошло тройное убийствоThe offender chopped his victims with an axe.

The attacker brutally massacred people, in revenge for Rob’s apartment.

Police have established the identity of the man suspected of committing three high-profile killings on the territory of Darnytsa district. Two of them were committed with an axe. Law enforcement authorities established that the dead are connected to each other and got on the trail of the attacker. The murder was revenge for Rob’s apartment.

At the end of November in Darnytskyi district of Kiev on the street Masłowska local resident found on the banks of the river the corpse of a man with a broken head. The body was covered with a mattress. Then the investigative team after an inspection of the scene found that the victim of the fatal blows were inflicted with an axe.

After two days in the same area, but on the street was found the body of another man – he had the severed head that lay nearby. Police found that the victim – 34-year-old resident of Kiev who is earlier judged for burglary. The next day on the street Sanatorium, the police found the dead 63-year-old mother of a disabled. The woman’s body had multiple stab wounds. Established and connection between the two dead men – they were buddies.

“Almost a month to continue testing the friends and relatives of those killed, was carried out the analysis of the information and the complex quickly-search actions. In the end the police found the man, who is reasonably suspected of committing three murders. It is a resident of Darnytskyi district, previously convicted for robbery and murder, he was released from prison in March of 2017”, – reported in Ukraine.

According to militiamen, returning home after liberation, the Kievan learned that 34-year-old local resident, with whom he was acquainted, robbed the apartment of his mother.

“On Sunday the attacker was found with him on the beach near the lake, killed him and cut off his head with an axe. Then use the mobile phone of the victim agreed to meet on the river with an accomplice of the burglar and killed him. Then dealt with the mother of 34-year-old from Kiev, because a woman saw him when he came to visit,” – said about the events the police officers. The malefactor is detained.

He could face life imprisonment.

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