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In Kiev, the road covered with ice: how to protect yourself

В Киеве дороги покроются гололедом: как уберечь себяYou need to follow some rules.

On 6 December in Kiev, is expected to sleet and ice. After an overnight frost the temperature rises to 0°, and the roads and sidewalks are covered with ice crust.

Drivers and pedestrians are asked to be especially careful.

The Directorate of emergency KSCA urges Kiev to be careful moving around the city, and recommends a number of tips during icy conditions.

In the event of icy conditions, drivers are advised to observe the following rules:

to monitor speed and distance, abandon risky maneuver;
when approaching pedestrian crossings and location of children’s institutions reduce speed to a minimum;
don’t forget to turn the Parking lights or fog lights;
do not use vehicles with summer tires.

So you don’t slip and fall on icy pavement, follow a few simple rules:

go slowly, feet slightly relax and slightly bend your knees, go to the entire sole;
do not keep hands in pockets;
wave your hands to the beat of the walk – it is better to keep balance;
try to quickly sit down if you suddenly lost balance;
if the fall can not be avoided – strain the muscles, brace;
be careful on the sidewalk;

when crossing the road in front of the car mention that the stopping distance on slippery road surfaces is increased 4-5 times;
avoid the metal manhole covers.

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