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In Kiev, the police chased a drunk driver around the area

The drunk man also gave an accident.

Thursday, July 19, in Kiev on the street of Konstantin Dankevich, 10 detained the man. He was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

The incident occurred at about 04:10.

According to eyewitnesses, in the street Honore de Balzac, 64 young people were approached by a man who went down the street to the Skoda Fabia and asked for a cigarette. During a short dialogue from pedestrians in any doubt of the sobriety of the driver of the car. When the owner of the Skoda asked a direct question, he suddenly took the wheel and drove away. When this had run into people with whom spoke a few minutes earlier.

The witnesses called on 102 and gave information to the police. After 40 minutes the car was stopped on the street by Konstantin Dankevich, when the machine has been broken the bumper, hood, and doors.

As locals told, Skoda moved on Dankevich and crashed into a parked Hyundai Tucson. After the collision, the car went on, but after 100 meters she was stopped by police. Driving a car was a man who had obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication, and in the vehicle alcohol. The driver suggested to pass a test on the Drager, but he refused. In this regard, he was taken for medical examination in the hospital.

Police also said that the behavior of the owner of Skoda was not quite correct. To put him in the car, the patrol had to put on handcuffs the man. The witness had selected explanatory notes, and the scene called for a tow truck. The details of the incident are being investigated.

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