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In Kiev, the passengers complain of behaviour of drivers of night buses

В Киеве пассажиры жалуются на поведение водителей ночных автобусовThe influx of passengers waiting for spring when the weather gets warmer.

Two month working capital night routes, which started December 30 last year, transported over 17 thousand passengers. As reported in “Kyivpastrans”, during the week trolleybuses and night buses between 23:00 and 06:00, use an average of 2.5 thousand citizens. Their fare is 3 UAH.

WAITING FOR WARMING. Most popular routes — trolleybus: No. 92Н (South railway station — Svobody Avenue), No. 91Н (Central railway station Miloslavskaya str) and No. 93Н “St. m. “Leo Tolstoy Square” — str Chernobyl), and the unclaimed — the only bus route No. 137Н connecting the Central railway station and Kharkov array. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the Director KP “Kyivpastrans” Dmitry Levchenko, the situation with unpopular bus route will fix future warming. “Next week, with the onset of spring, we expect an increase in passenger traffic as the night bus route and night trolleybus” — said Levchenko. As for another night route (Maidan Nezalezhnosti — St. North), which gorvlasti reported in January, the date of its launch is not yet known. “We have no rolling stock in order to start it”, — reported in Department of transport KSCA.

CHANSON AND HARES. Meanwhile, many citizens increasingly complain about bad drivers-night routes, which allegedly allow myself to smoke behind the wheel, and loud music for the entire interior. “Every time I see this in the route 91Н, which departs at midnight from the railway station. In the bus playing loud chanson, the driver smokes! I don’t want to go there and breathe the smoke and poison your brain with this music” — outraged kievlyanin Michael Rybachuk. He adds that all the drivers on this route only one doing the work faithfully: do not smoke and do not listen to loud music, wishes all a good evening and not let the passengers without charge.

According to Stanislav of Kiev Shepel, hares are often found on these routes. “The route 92Н in the second half of the night. Nivki got four of them — two women and two men. Women bought tickets and the guys don’t. The driver did not react. It was still a homeless person in the cabin went. So the smell of dirty clothes was on the whole cabin,” wrote Shepel.

Department of transportation, asking Kiev about all the violations the night of transport to inform the “Kyivpastrans”. “If there are violations in the work of the drivers, you have to write the tail number of the vehicle, record the facts and report it in the CP. At night routes are corrolary that fan method check. Stowaways not”, — reported in Department.

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