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In Kiev, the illegal construction will stop in Korean

В Киеве незаконное строительство будут пресекать по-корейскиWill be introduced mandatory for developers system Clean Construction.

In Kiev plan to control the legality of the construction on the example of the Republic of Korea.

“Ukraine has its own system of monitoring the illegal construction, but it is much easier compared to analogue our Korean colleagues. System Clean Construction System (the”System clean construction”) we are very interested, we want carefully to study it and understand how to adapt Ukrainian legislation, building norms and regulations”, – said the first Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Gennady FPGA. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Clean Construction System consists of four components: system construction project management, awareness building for information disclosure about the projects, management of contractors payment system to implement automatic payments and e-human resources management for the management staff and their remuneration. It is a platform for communication between developers, authorities and authorized persons who issue permits for construction, as well as the public.

As soon as the developer in Korea decides to build the facility more than $18 million, he is obliged to use the system. He must enter data on all the parameters of the project and to obtain construction permits from all competent services. The system facilitates the obtaining of permits, since such procedures are carried out online.

Access to information open to all citizens. In addition, citizens can observe the construction of the online, because on every building site installed a web camera.

According to the FPGA, 30-40 years ago in Korea, there was the problem of illegal construction. Corruption and lack of maintenance led to the destruction of poor-quality houses and human victims. To solve this problem and introduced a system of pure construction.

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