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In Kiev taxi drivers “inflated” prices for Atlas Weekend

В Киеве таксисты «взвинтили» цены из-за Atlas Weekend “Sweet time” for taxi drivers.

4 July in Kyiv was held the second day of the festival Atlas Weekend. This time the headliner of the day was DJ Martin Garrix.

The main program ended at midnight. Reporters came to the BDHR, to see how residents and guests of Kiev to get home.

Due to the fact that the metro station “Exhibition center” closes at 00:06, not all were able to catch my train. When we went to subway, no hype was not immediately behind us closed doors to the subway. Crush at the turnstiles and the queues at the box office was not. Only those who did not know that metro is already closed, tried to run, stumbling on the stairs, and was moving swiftly along the route. In the end, instead of the transfer home was waiting for them closed the door. At this moment it’s “sweet time” for taxi drivers.

It was possible to go anywhere in the city without waiting for the car, but the price is a little attracted to someone, and even more repelled. We pretended to be visitors of the festival and decided to find out how much it will cost travel from BDHR to the office on the Bessarabian square.


“Fish” or “bandurski” — the taxi drivers that go VA-Bank. They do not hesitate to call the price at which they will go. They do not need the taxi service and other bells and whistles. A checker on the roof, closer to the location of a mass event — and drove.

As soon as we approached the Park, we on all sides have begun to ask the same question: “Taxi?”. The cheapest travel route from the festival to the metro would cost 300 hryvnia, basically the price everywhere was one — 400 hryvnia. Note that when you try to throw off the price, we were refused. For comparison: in Poznyaki pribyvshij “bandurski” agreed to go also for 400 hryvnias. The answer to why the same amount at different distances — we failed to obtain.


In today’s world of gadgets, many have become lazy to make phone calls and use apps to call a taxi. One of the most popular services today is Uber.

Get directions to the metro, the mobile app indicated a cost of about 175 USD. This price was indicated with the mark “Very high demand”. We also checked the fare on Poznyaki. In that way at midnight you could go for 236 USD.

Five hours later we decided to check the value when decreased demand. So, from BDHR to Besarabsky market festival you can drive around 97 hryvnia, and to reach Poznyakov for 110 UAH. The price is two times lower than at the end of the festival day.

В Киеве таксисты «взвинтили» цены из-за Atlas Weekend

High demand at midnight — 173 of the hryvnia to the metro and 236 on Poznyaki

В Киеве таксисты «взвинтили» цены из-за Atlas Weekend

After 5 hours from VDNH to the area of Bessarabia, near 90 hryvnia, and on Poznyaki -110


To check out all the ways we called in one of the major taxi services. The route remained the same, and to get to the office, we would have to pay 120 hryvnia. In the morning, when the sun began to rise over the horizon, the fare to Besarabsky market amounted to UAH 100. However, there is a small caveat: the night we would hardly have come this service because you can make money on nail.


Not to spend money on a taxi, you can take the metro, but it should still run and catch up to the closure of the station, after all, an extension of the subway will be in the night from 8 to 9 July. Also you shouldn’t forget about ground transportation. Taxis, buses and trolleybuses, as before. Or you can come in my car, but there is a difficulty with Parking, and drinking alcohol at a mass event did not succeed, as drinking and driving can be accessed on the Bank of a fine and deprivation of rights.

We will remind, on Tuesday, July 3, in Kiev started the festival Atlas Weekend. On the first day of the fest, the audience lit Oleg winnick and other Ukrainian performers.

Recall that the big event is not the first time become the reason for extra money, many residents of Kiev. Not ostajutsja and taxi drivers in the capital. In connection with the carrying out of the Champions League final in Kiev there has arrived the many thousands of foreigners from different parts of Europe. Local taxi drivers quickly decided on “bread” places and took them in anticipation of the “fat” client.

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