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In Kiev store erupted serious scandal of language

В киевском магазине разразился нешуточный языковой скандалLarissa Nicoll shocked a new incident.

In Kiev in the candy shop “candy shop”, which is in the “Metrograd” with writer Larisa Nicoll refused to speak the Ukrainian language and called the police.

This is stated on page in Facebook Nicoi.

The writer said that the saleswoman of the shop had once said about “Nazis” and it was written in the complaint. The owner of “candy shop” said that he will hold a preventive conversation with the woman and apologized. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

When Nicoll approached the store, she again began to speak in Russian.

The clerk refused to give the complaint book and started screaming about “fascism” and that it is the root civljane and knows “your language society”.

To the writer, who was with the crew of TV channel “ZiK”, immediately the guards ran up. They began to say that there is no law requiring you to speak the Ukrainian language.

“Going around the crowd. We are in the ring guard around the ring of people. All defending the “victim” who cries out: “Help!” That you have latched on to cheloveku? Well, she does not know your speech. What a difference! Don’t you understand Russian?” – told Nicoi.

Later the police came.

“Police resorted. We display at the shop, they say, it violates our rights. Security, the seller and passers-by pointing at us. – Show documents! – policeman tells us,” recalled the writer.

Police photographed the documents of journalists and talked about the fact that “the court will understand.”

“Ukrainians do not sleep, Wake up. You understand that the Russian world is not going to obey accepted laws? They will have to drive in this madhouse deeper and deeper, forcing us thought about our paranoia…. I think another law will help, if You do not do anything? No one but you will not sweep the house. And revenge should anyone around. Remember Chornovil? Ukraine starts with you” – said Nicoll.

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