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In Kiev, rose sharply taxi service

В Киеве резко подорожали услуги таксиRates want to rise and winter.

Tariffs in Kiev taxi in September increased on average by 15-20%, and in some cases in the services and wind up to 50%. In the taxi services is explained by the increase fuel prices and seasonal reasons, passengers returning from vacation was over, and promised a new promotion. The journalists found out, there is a limit to the appetites of taxi, and whether to control them.

Gas is down, rates up

Kiev told that, for example, for the trip from the campus to the square. used to pay about 70 UAH, now — 120 UAH. And the route from the city center on Rusanivka will now have to pay about 100 UAH. Increased and minimal. In particular, the taxi service “Bias” for the route from the landing place to the house next door put a minimum tariff of 45 UAH (up from 35 UAH).

In the taxi tariff increase is explained by the increase in gas prices. “Most of our machinery runs on gas, on the basis of its price, we believe the tariff. Minimal raised approximately 5-10 UAH and added to 1 UAH to the price per kilometer”, — told the “news” Manager of one of the popular taxi services. His words were confirmed by Kiev taxi driver Vitaly Lenkevich. “When the price of gas rose to the level of 60-70% of the cost of gasoline, it became unprofitable to operate. I took almost all orders in the sector that appeared in the air, with the gas price hike has chosen to take me a client or not,” he says.

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Experts claim the price of fuel has nothing to do with it. “The gas tariff increase does not play any role. The price at the gas station has dropped to previous levels, however their rates taxi drivers are not reduced. The increase is a seasonal feature of taxi drivers. With the beginning of autumn to the capital returned vacationers and increased number of visitors. Increased demand for taxi services, respectively, and prices have gone up by 5-10%”, — said “news” the head of Ukrainian taxi Association Andrey Antonyuk. According to him, the closer to winter the rates will rise again.

No yellow rooms, fine

Meanwhile, in the Ministry of Infrastructure has developed draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the settlement of the taxi market, requiring drivers obtain a license for passenger transportation and replacement of license plates on the yellow. To check the license and signs, according to the draft law, will be the police, GFS and Ukrtransleasing. Violators face a fine of up to 85 thousand UAH, but they can confiscate the car. However, how the roads will be to calculate the taxi if it is without that, the project is not spelled out.

According to Antonyuk, project populist and pointless, since 99% of the taxi market is blind. “The services of Uber, “Yandex.Taxi” and “Slope” the main requirement — any checkered and symbols. Who, then, will want to come and buy some yellow number so it was easier for someone to identify? Officials will achieve what the 1% of taxi drivers, who are now working legally, just spit on this bureaucracy and go to work in the shadows. Today most machines, even with swords, illegal. What prevents Ukrtransinspektion and the police stop them and check the documents? But no one does”. Agree with him a transportation expert Alexander Kava.

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“We are again stepping on the same rake. When we have wanted to oblige taxi drivers to obtain licenses to use the counters, but in the end achieved nothing” – Alexander cava.

Boryspil wants his taxi

According to the draft Cabinet of Ministers, legal taxi drivers in yellow rooms will receive a number of benefits recorded in the SDA. They will be able to drive on dedicated lanes for public transport, to receive orders and to carry out boarding of passengers at stops for taxis at bus stations, bus stations and airports. In particular, to work for one of the most profitable Parking at the airport Borispol, taxi drivers have to sign a contract with the airport. Now there every step of the privateers that put tariffs from the ceiling. But that may soon change is coming.

As told in the press service of “Boryspil”, the airport has signed contracts with several taxi companies. “We have established a Central control room, and we will only work with those companies with whom we have contracts. Private taxi drivers in our Parking lots will not stand”. However, when the system will work, the airport said.

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