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In Kiev rose apartments for rent

В Киеве подорожала аренда квартирKiev realtors said that navigation objects rose in price by 5-10%.

The owners of apartments and offices blame the rise of the dollar and put tenants before the fact: “either pay more or find another place.“ Kiev realtors said that navigation objects rose in price by 5-10%.

For example, if last year a one-room dormitory in a residential area in Kiev can be removed for 3.5 thousand UAH, now it costs already about 4.5-5 thousand UAH. And, if you’re lucky – the demand for such a price tag big enough.

One-bedroom apartment on troyeschina will cost in January at least 6-7 thousand UAH, and for the three-pointer asked 8 thousand UAH and more. And this is the most inexpensive array of the capital, the average price of rent in Kiev, now is at least $300/month (8700 UAH).

Often, parties can reach a compromise. For obvious reasons: the owners don’t really want to lose proven tenants, and the tenants like to move constantly, especially that cheap offers decent getting smaller. Often easier to agree on a higher arena fee than to spend money on moving.

“A bet though not without exception, but growing. And not just because of the dollar, but also because of high demand. As for apartments and commercial property. Such price hikes begin in the fall and continue after the New year. The most noticeable increase in rates on expensive real estate,“ – said the private realtor Alexander Grishko.

On the other hand, victims are not always be “evil and greedy“ owners of apartments or commercial premises. There are instances when potential tenants are raiders and capture the entire force.

Grab apartments

In order to avoid unpleasant situations in the future, first and foremost, you need to make a competent written lease. Preferably, showing it first to a lawyer or at least a smart realtor.

The lease is most often prescribed all additional costs, including utilities. In most contracts there is a possibility of termination without penalty at the request of one of the parties for 1 month.

As in the case of commercial premises and when renting a place, usually in the contracts prescribed the possibility of revision of rates once in six months or a year, and no more than 10%. Often landlords try to tie the rent to the change in the exchange rate, write a paragraph about the monthly revision of prices, what to do at the first opportunity.

If the owner of the property often and unnecessarily raises the price, and is contrary to the contract, then there is every chance to defend their case, lawyers say. The mere mention of litigation can sober up a greedy landlord. But as the market leases the most part is in the shade, both sides often find it difficult to defend themselves.

“If there is no agreement, then it is possible to threaten in the tax Declaration. If the contract is, it is possible to try and defend their right to use in court. After forcibly evict the court can only, not including hostile takeovers, which lately, unfortunately, not uncommon.

To a greater extent such seizures affect commercial real estate, but may be on apartments – I have been precedents,“ – said the Chairman of the Board, the CLC Association of realtors of Ukraine (ASNU) Vladislav Kulishenko.

As for the lawsuits, according to the CEO of the development company Greenol Oleg Prikhodko, in judicial practice are quite common cases where the tenant asserting their rights, while was in rented premises until the end of the lease and the contractual rents. Therefore, an oral agreement is better to fix on paper.

“Tenant without a contract – is usually the one who wants to hide their income and illegal way to minimize their taxes. In the absence of agreement, the lessee is deprived of protection against arbitrariness of the landlord. Verbal agreements are almost impossible to prove in court,“ – said Prikhodko.

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