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In Kiev, produced documents for “LDNR”

В Киеве изготавливали документы для «ЛДНР»Fake diplomas needed for legalization in Russia.

In the capital counterintelligence covered the whole service documentary support “LDNR”. About this Facebook said the journalist Andrew Tsaplienko.

“The full paper, accompanied by the separatists provided in one of the apartments in the capital.

“Russian world” for two years generously funded the fake masters of the genre. Money for fake documents are not spared. The funding went through the so-called Ministry of state security of DND, which is completely controlled by the FSB of the Russian Federation”, – wrote Tsaplienko.

According to the journalist, the investigators found fake diplomas on higher education for the head of the Second Department (“military counterintelligence”) the so-called MGB DNR Kamynina Valeriy Viktorovich (alias Doc), member of Department of human intelligence, of the same institution Gala Alexander Gennadiyevich (known as Mayor) and the chief of the security service of the brigade “Ghost” LC Kovalev Leonid valerevicha (Fighter call sign).

Tsaplienko also explains why it took such documents.

“In ORDA process of the state formation, so the bandits who took over the position, began to demand proof of qualification. Raschke diploma can be checked from the standpoint of ORDO, and in Ukraine difficult. So they are for diplomas and appeal. It is the formation of Transnistria in Ukraine”, – quotes the journalist review of one of the users.

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