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In Kiev plan to cancel a number of minibuses

В Киеве планируют отменить ряд маршруток Klitschko expect taxis to replace the buses.

In Kiev ongoing checks of minibuses. Make a slip plan to replace buses. Experts believe that in fact there is a repartition of the transport market in favour of relatives to the authorities of the carriers. It became known, what areas will be affected.

The Department of transport infrastructure KSCA announced the results of the inspections for the first two days. Recall, the reason the outbreak is a tragic event that occurred on 4 November. Then near the bus stop bus No. 464 had killed two people trying to sit in the trolley. Among those tested is and is taxi (street Heroes of Dnepr — station “South”). But on this route the obvious violations, like most others.

But on route 201 (bul. Koltsov — metro station “Shulyavska”), including the technical condition of the car did not meet the standards, 459-m (105-I Garden (Osokorki) — Darnytsia railway station) number of vehicles did not meet the terms of the contract. The Department stressed that such violations constitute grounds for the termination of contracts with these carriers. In addition, there are validation “left” route 501 (South Borschagivka — Nivki).

The head of public organization “Development of infrastructure” Stanislav Studs does not exclude that such tests may hold for the purpose of redistribution of the market capital of transportation. “One of the reasons for inspections, of course, tragic event. But data validation can be used for redistribution of the market or to eliminate unwanted carriers,” — said Studs. However, it also acknowledges that it will not be easy.

Voluntarily withdraw from the market no one wants because of the profitability of the business for the owners of the route. The “entry ticket” for the right to carry passengers of his bus in Kiev at an average of $3 thousand that go in the pocket of the owner of the documents on the route. Plus the monthly fee for the lack of medic and mechanic — 1 thousand UAH per month with the bus, as well as “tribute” — 150 UAH per day plus from 5-7 UAH per passenger. But in this case only one machine on the route can bring no less than 300 thousand UAH of net profit in the year,” the source told us.

The ex-President of the Association of carriers Kiev Valery Lipetsk believes that checks passengers should not suffer. “The results of the inspections Department of the state administration may decide on the termination of contracts with the carrier for one, several or all of the routes. If a route is vacant, it must immediately on him to announce a competition, where they will determine the firm that will serve him. This procedure takes a month or two. While the new carrier no, the route still continues to function. It will either work for the competition the previous carrier or the Department appoints another firm temporarily before the announcement of the new winner,” explained Lipetsk.

Meanwhile, the Kyiv city Council prepared a project, which involves the non-renewal of the contract with all the current marshrutochnik to replace them with buses. “In connection with a series of resonant accidents that have occurred involving minibuses, we offer you to abandon this obsolete transport”, — said the Deputy Alexander Pabat.

According to him, his project is ready to support many. However, there will be enough public transport. Yes, and that bus will disappear completely from the capital, it is hard to believe. Too many people in power are interested in that they continued to ride.

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