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In Kiev originally punished “hero Park” Alfa Romeo

В Киеве оригинально наказали «героя парковки» на Alfa RomeoOf autocad to teach a lesson to local residents of Solomenskiy district.

Breakers of rules of Parking of cars has repeatedly caused a lot of review unhappy with Kiev, but now people have decided to punish these figures on the folk methods. 6 Oct on the sidewalk near one of the buildings along the street Leningrad in Kiev were seen the expensive car Alfa Romeo with Euronorm.

The owner of the car did not appear near the car, and the local citizens decided to teach the violator that in the future he thought before his actions. Activists laid on the hood of a foreign car hard and dirty used car tire.

After this action, the violator of the Parking rules will be thinking what to do after you have to find big money on the costly restoration of the hood of the Alfa Romeo. Improper Parking in Kiev and many other cities is quite common. It is much satrurday promotion of pedestrian and provokes people to unpleasant emotions.

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