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In Kiev opened the first blood Bank for animals

В Киеве открыли первый в Украине банк крови для животныхHe has already saved many lives quadrupeds.

In the capital, started the first blood Bank for animals.

Now keep in plasma and thrombotic concentrates for dogs.

Rex had once worked as a security guard. Now the shepherd called by an employee of the Department. Rex is the seventh time to donate blood – this procedure lasts 15 minutes. The dog calm and take 350 milliliters of blood. From a procedural dog comes out on his four – masters say that the procedure in General has a positive effect on animal health.

Now there stored plasma and platelet concentrate for dogs. Donors – vaccinated adult dogs weighing 25 kilograms. Doctors say that to health this procedure even useful.

Further still, as humans. Blood is taken for analysis and placed in a centrifuge to distribute the components. The Bank staged at the national University of biological resources. Special refrigerators from abroad to “monitor” the observance of the Protocol of storage of blood. There are special containers to urgently deliver blood to the four-legged patients. Head of the Department of surgery and the pathophysiology Malyuk Nikolay explains that among their donors – only large adult dogs and. “Donor: weight 25 kg, age from 2 to 8 years. And appropriate indicators of blood leukocytes”, – he explained.

Because of the peculiarities of blood circulation dogs can donate blood more often than people once a month. But the rules for donors like: do not eat food in the morning. Near the blood Bank in the hallway of the veterinary hospitals snaps Joey – even the dog picked up on the street and fell and then nearly lost due to mites. After infusion of blood he felt much better – so Joey became the recipient. Himself to donate blood, he too small, but now thanks – bravely protects his owner Eugene. “He is cheerful and a good dog,” she says.

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