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In Kiev on one of the streets shooting occurred

В Киеве на одной из улиц произошла стрельба The conflict no one was hurt

On Tuesday, June 26, in Kiev on the street Park-Syretskaja, 17, the shooting occurred. The conflict no one was injured.

The call on line 102 received around 19:15.

According to locals, the house came a man and a woman. After which the companion remained on the street, and the man climbed into the niche of the ground floor.

Caring citizens notice suspicious activity and asked what they are looking for. Presumably, the purpose was the so-called “bookmark” (drugs that are distributed via the Internet). During the dialogue, a local resident, and seeker of the treasure of the conflict occurred. Companion started attacking people and tried to bite a girl who lives in this house.

After several attempts to avoid conflict, a local resident took a traumatic gun “Fort” and fired several shots up. The conflict no one was injured. Police arrived on the scene began to investigate the situation.

When the man climbs out of the basement, he tore at his t-shirt. His companion in the struggle broke sandals. Previously, illegal substances when they are not found. However, witnesses say they saw the parcel, the woman placed it in the bag. Arrived at the scene investigative team. Participants gather explanations.

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