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In Kiev, near St. Andrew’s Church will open observation deck

 В Киеве возле Андреевской церкви откроют смотровую площадку In the area from the Andriyivskyy descent to the gondola conduct the repair.

In the capital completed the external restoration work of St. Andrew’s Church. As promised, on Independence Day, open observation deck, which offers beautiful views of Kiev. There will be tours and will install information boards.

EXCURSIONS. Two days later, the people of Kiev and guests of the capital can walk along a restored cast-iron steps leading to the temple, to estimate the restored facades and enjoy the beauty with an updated observation deck. The entrance to it will cost 10 UAH for adults and 5 UAH for children (previously the fee was included in the Museum ticket).

“On the observation deck scheduled tours with a duration of 40-50 minutes, during which you will learn not only about St. Andrew’s Church, but also about the historical buildings in the neighborhood. They will be paid, but the cost is still being calculated. For those who want to learn interesting information about the sanctuary without a tour (when and by whom was founded and other historical facts), on the site will place a special information Board”, — told the “Today” Deputy Director for restoration and commercial work Nezapomente Sophia of Kyiv, Vadym Kyrylenko.

 В Киеве возле Андреевской церкви откроют смотровую площадку

August 24 at St. Andrew’s Church will be held “open doors day”. “Everyone in just one day will be able to “spy” as craftsmen carry out the restoration works inside the Church and what’s changed,” said Kirilenko. Now in the Church to restore the interiors and restore old paintings.

THE NEW ALLEY. Changes are coming and near St. Andrew’s Church is going to finally bring order to the “artists ‘ Alley”. Until the end of October the government promised to overhaul the territory in the area from the Andriyivskyy descent to the gondola, where artists sell their work. There will be equipped with new vendors in the same style: they are with small roofs, decorated with wrought iron elements, and special grates where will be exhibited the paintings.

In the National reserve “Sophia of Kyiv” the situation is a little concerned about: they repair not coordinated, but the work here should be undertaken very carefully, because there are a lot of utilities and storm drains. But officials calm. “Work has already started, and plan to complete them a month and a half. They are held at the expense of the city budget (allocated about UAH 6 million). Also here will update the paving of the road, there will be fencing and lighting. The project has been coordinated and approved,” — said the head of Podolsk district administration Valentin Mondrievsky.

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