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In Kiev, more than 600 houses have disconnected hot water

В Киеве более чем 600 домам отключили горячую водуIn goloseyevsky district of the capital there was a major accident.

In Kiev the hot water turned off more than 600 homes for hydraulic testing and accidents. It is reported Kievteploenergo on his page in Facebook on Monday, may 6th.

So, from hydraulic tests boiler-house RK bilichi, from which hot water is turned off 300 buildings 224 residential units, 6 hospitals, 12 kindergartens, 12 schools, 46 departments). Also disconnected the boiler-house RK verkon. No hot water left 26 houses, 1 kindergarten and 9 departments.

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In addition, the evening of 5 may, there was damage to the thermal camera in goloseyevsky area on the street Engineering, 1.

“The services of the hot water was cut off 285 buildings, 208 houses, 47 agencies, 4 hospitals, 15 kindergartens, 11 schools,” the report says.

In particular, without hot water there were inhabitants of houses at the following addresses:

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Avenue P. Tychyna;
the prospect of Reunion;
Boulevard Davydova;
– rusanovskogo Boulevard;
– street of Enthusiasts.

In Kievteploenergo noted that renovations will be completed by the morning of may 9, after which the hot water will resume.

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