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In Kiev may appear on the original Museum under the ground

В Киеве может появится оригинальный музей под землейSeveral years of excavation, archaeologists were able to find almost a quarter of ancient Kiev.

For the fate of archaeological excavations at the Postal square took themselves residents of the capital. On the website “community project” where people of Kiev submit their initiatives for the development of the city and are struggling for the budget of 100 million UAH for the implementation, there was a proposal to create an underground Museum, which will feature all archaeological finds on the Mail.

As the author explains, from Kiev Anna Goncharenko, over 2 million the project envisages the holding of the international contest for the architectural concept and preliminary design of underground archaeological Museum. It needs to attract investors willing to take on the project.

Excavations at the Post began two years ago. During this time, archaeologists have discovered many valuable artifacts, such as pottery, coins, seals, glass bangles, Smoking pipes, lead bullets, buttons, arrows, crosses. Was excavated ancient streets and buildings of Kievan Rus. However, in March this year, the excavations were suspended. One of the main reasons — lack of funding of archaeological research, the investor who builds the SEC under the Mailbox.

Kiev sounded the alarm, fearing that the ancient artifacts will be destroyed, and the excavations stopped. On the website of the petitions of the Kyiv city Council there was even a petition to save the historical artifacts. “The archaeological site was threatened with destruction,” wrote the author of the petition Akim Galimov. Nearly three months, the petition has collected 6750 signatures of 10 thousand required.

According to the Deputy Director of the Centre of archaeology Kyiv Yuriy Kuharchuk, excavations can resume. “The developer has promised to resume funding, but also to pay for the work already performed. If all goes well, next week we can start digging. To complete all the work, unless delay will be for the year,” — said Kuharchuk.

As for the future project of the underground Museum, or concept, neither the first nor the second yet. “We don’t want to just show the Windows of the artifacts found, corny, as in Soviet museums, and to create a Museum at the site, to keep everything authentic,” explained Yuriy Kuharchuk. Gorvlasti assured that the excavations will continue.

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