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In Kiev kindergarten children picked up a dangerous virus

В киевском детсаду дети подхватили опасный вирусChildren got the rotavirus.

In kindergarten, number 792, which is located in Darnitsky district of Kiev, in the district Bortnichi, rotavirus infection in sick children.

This was told by the mother of a child who is in hospital, Valentina.

According to her, the total sick 12 children, three of them ended up in the hospital. The other children who were not hospitalized, suffering from the symptoms of rotavirus and are awaiting confirmation of the diagnosis.

According to mom a little patient, in the garden is not well observed rules of hygiene. “In my opinion in the garden do not meet the standards of hygiene, as all sandboxes are open. Any animal and person has access to them. Any person passing by, maybe something to throw in there. I live next to the builders,” she says.

In her opinion, precisely of the sandbox can be one of the nasty infection. “I don’t check how often they clean the kitchen, wash toys carefully monitored to ensure that children wash their hands after using the toilet. Two weeks ago it was the same. Many children got sick, they all had the same symptoms. In the garden he talked about it, but did nothing. Now the situation has repeated, only in a more severe form,” she adds.

“In a day when many children got sick, I came to kindergarten to find out what happened. On the doors I saw the sign “Quarantine”, and the floors that day washed with bleach, waiting for the sanitation center. It was already after the signal arrived that many children got sick,” adds the mother.

Children under the age of three years was in a hospital bed. A total of 12 children fell ill, three of them the diagnosis of Rota virus.

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