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In Kiev intensified speculators-speculators in foreign currency

В Киеве активизировались аферисты-валютчики How not to fall for “bait”.

Cases of cheating customers in the currency exchange become more sophisticated. As they say in the Metropolitan police, fraudsters equip secret passages escape, disguised cashiers and can even open fire.

With a hole in the wall. In Darnytskyi district police caught a 23-year-old swindler, who tried to escape with 50 thousand euros. The same amount on the exchange brought him a customer.

“The so-called “currency exchange” was equipped in a former apartment on the first floor of the house on Urlovskaya str. There was a booth for the cashier, with a hole in the wall to escape through another exit. Those wishing to exchange currency at a good rate searched through the Internet,” he told police.

When the scammer got from the client to the exchange of 50 thousand Euro, it escaped through a loophole in the wall and exited through the front door. An angry client who came to the Bureau with his son, knocked the door in the box office, but no one was there. Men chased “cashier”, and this last time got busted by the police.

“At an illegal exchange office the guy worked for an employer for 700 hryvnia per day and food. For the offense he faces up to 12 years in prison. Now set the other participants of this scheme”, – militiamen told.

With the shooting. To police such a scheme of “divorce” is not new.

“Customers are looking for the fraudsters over the Internet, placing ads about a great deal of currency exchange. As soon as there is a “victim” of big money, the scammers literally half an hour open the “paragraph” foreign exchange and the customer immediately, you are told where to arrive for surgery. After receiving the money, the scammer runs away with them through the back door where he can wait for an accomplice with a car”, – militiamen noted.

One such case occurred in January at the golosiyivska str. Conman just 15 minutes arranged the “currency exchange” in the premises of the former restaurant, which he allegedly wanted to buy. All this has been made especially for a customer who brought for the exchange of $45 million after Receiving the money, the crook ran off, sprayed the client in the face from a gas spray. “Cashier” managed to hold.

According to law enforcement, only in the last two years were exposed to three dozen such “points”.

“One of the suspects, who played the role of cashier, even wore the wig to further the victims are unable to learn it,” – said a senior investigator for especially important cases, Sergiy Rudenko, adding that once during the arrest, the suspects opened fire on the police.

Such a case occurred in may, Tatarskaya str. To “cover” fake exchanger, the police ambushed. Accomplices, after receiving the money, tried to escape through the window, but when they realized that they were being persecuted, one of them opened fire. The men were arrested.

How not to get caught. As explained finanalitik Alex Kush, fraud thrives due to the introduction of the national Bank of the so-called “certification” operations – exchange upon presentation of your passport.

“Because of this, there was a sharp shift. If earlier, 60-70% of transactions – it was the official market, and 30-40% – informal, now this ratio has changed to exactly the opposite. Now even one hundred dollars can not buy without a passport. Many people simply do not want to glow and go to the shadow market” – said Kusch.

According to him, the legal exchange offices in the Internet. If to speak about reliable points on currency exchange, they have a banking license, which is available to every – a copy should be hung in a prominent place.

“Well, the most important is the course. In 99% of cases all the illegal point lure customers is best rate that is below market”, – explains the analyst.

Yet to ensure the legality of the exchanger on the NBU website (, where there is also a list of illegal items, according to the latest inspections and the registry of facilities for foreign exchange transactions, where the exchanger can be checked at.

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