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In Kiev increased travel in private minibuses

В Киеве подорожал проезд в частных маршруткахThe carrier is equalized fares after a rise in price of travel in public transport.

In Kiev again expensive travel in private minibuses. In salons of minibuses №№442-a, 442-d directions on July 22, going up by 1 hryvnia and, accordingly, will cost 5 and 6 of the hryvnia.

The rise in price due to several reasons.

“Previously, we said that we would study the situation after a rise in price of travel in public transport. Namely, whether to increase the ridership on our shuttles. Alas, increasing the number of passengers we do not observe. On the contrary, decreased. The second reason is we have a lot of drivers leaving to work in Europe, mainly in Poland. We have already gone four drivers. On all routes not enough drivers. And if we don’t take drastic decisions in order to increase their salaries, then by autumn we will not have drivers to carry passengers would simply no! Other carriers already went up to 50% of the drivers. In Poland, for example, travel costs for 1 or 1.5 euros. Therefore, to bus worked fine and the drivers did not leave, and we could buy new buses, the fare should cost in Poland – 30 hryvnia. While we travel six times less. Naturally, drivers want to earn more and go to work there”, – says Nikolay Batsan, Director of the shipping company.

Another reason is the increase in the cost of spare parts for buses and maintenance of buses, which rises in price every day. People and especially locksmiths, you need to raise salaries. “We have no choice – either to close or to raise fares. Therefore, from July 22 to travel in a minibus №442 will cost 5 hryvnia (UAH 4 now), and No. 442-d – UAH 6 (now UAH 5). This situation is not only our company, but all carriers in the city. I think that before September will be another price increase,” explains Batsan.

In the public transport service of the KSCA confirmed that the carrier just equalized fares after a rise in price of travel in public transport. Other carriers, the fare is not increased, and now the most expensive fares in the capital – 7 hryvnia.

However, experts say they expect to be another round of fare increase in minibuses in September. As for the outflow of experienced drivers, the service also recognize the problem. “Europe needs cheap labor and our drivers with the experience began to go to work there. Alas, this is a huge problem. Leave the most experienced drivers, and are retirees or those who are satisfied with the salary”, – speak in service.

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