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In Kiev, home of the legendary aircraft will be turned into a Museum

В Киеве дом легендарного авиаконструктора превратят в музейCreated the project of the House-Museum of legendary aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky.

In the capital want to create a house-Museum of the legendary Kyiv aircraft designer, the “father of the helicopter” by Igor Sikorsky. A month later can begin the preparatory pre-work on the restoration of the monument of cultural heritage (Yaroslaviv Val 15-b), in which lived the legendary inventor. The building, incidentally, was built in 1903.

В Киеве дом легендарного авиаконструктора превратят в музей

“On the first floor want to recreate an office, a lounge and library to show the life of the family of Sikorsky. On the second and third floors, perhaps to settle an innovative area of development for children’s creativity to the young people of Kiev have a chance to advance in the field of engineering. By the way, the Sikorsky family was living in seven rooms of the first floor, and the second and third was a private clinic for neurotic children,” — said the “Today” candidate of historical Sciences Viktor Griza. In addition, there may appear the exhibition devoted to the Kyiv aviators of the early twentieth century, and the Museum of art Nouveau, which is not in the capital.

В Киеве дом легендарного авиаконструктора превратят в музей

To restore the house and to equip the Museum, created public Museum Council, whose members included well-known scientists. Professionals will have to decide how to restore the building because it is in critical condition.

The struggle for the preservation of the home of the world’s first inventor of the helicopter was difficult. Since 2000, the building was leased to one of the charities, under the terms of the agreement the lessee was to repair the building and ensure its security, but for 16 years the Foundation kept the place with gross violations, which led to its destruction. Now the house Sikorsky again on the balance of the state enterprise of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. “The Sikorski Museum! And we will do everything is possible”, — has assured us representative Minoborony. “Money for the creation of design documentation for the restoration of the house of Sikorsky we have,” — said the “Today” V. acting Director of GP “the Hotel “Kozatskyi” Boris Kaplunov.

It is possible that the restoration of the building will raise funds from patrons. What is the total amount required for this is still unknown. By the way, about plans to create a Museum already know and relatives of Igor Sikorsky, who live abroad, but they do not hurry to actively participate in the restoration of the “family nest.”

В Киеве дом легендарного авиаконструктора превратят в музей

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