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In Kiev, found the dead volunteer from Israel

В Киеве обнаружили мертвого волонтера из ИзраиляWas left a suicide note.

Yesterday on apartment which was removed, was found dead a citizen of Israel Bari Bonneau with a suicide note on the social network, but many don’t believe in it.

Yesterday, September 10 in the capital Holosievo was found the body of thirty-six Israeli civilians.

From the preliminary findings and refinements introduced the DSP state of national police of Kiev.

As reported in the police Department of the district Holoseievski got a call from Kiev. She found in his apartment the body of his tenant, not showing signs of life.

As described initially, the head of golosiyivska police Oleg Voloshin, the deceased was 36 years old, he was a fighter of a special squad of the foreign state.

Later the police said the victim has not instructed Ukrainian national guardsmen, as shown by the first data of the investigation.

On the death of a foreign citizen, law enforcement officers found altered under the in trauma starting weapon and the identity of the journalist of one of the publications that is distributed in the Network.

While the official investigation declined to release details of the accounts with the life voluntarily, is the main working version. However, the investigation continues.

Says, according to people who knew the deceased, the last time he was a recluse, and in the social network left a note about wanting to go on a voluntary basis.

Meanwhile, the victim’s identity is revealed in the social network Facebook the chief editor of the edition “Censor.NO” Yury Butusov.

В Киеве обнаружили мертвого волонтера из Израиля
В Киеве обнаружили мертвого волонтера из Израиля

In his post, a prominent journalist refers to the name of the deceased Bari Bonneau, an Israeli volunteer has been awarded for volunteer activities in Ukraine, from one of the NGOs. Butusov confirms that Bari Bonneau was an instructor of national guard of Ukraine.

Editor-In-Chief “Censor.NO” quotes taken from the pages of the Israelite it is almost a death record of “broken soul.”

At the same time Butusov takes the words of the head of the public organization “Georgian Legion” Mamuka Mamulashvili, a page of which was dealing with the victim of railfaning.

According to the head of the Georgians who fought in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Bari Bonneau did not participate in the fighting, and has instructed the National guard. Mamulashvili and Bonneau met 2 months ago, and depression from the Israelite was not.

Georgian military agree that the situation is similar to voluntary departure from life. However nastaivaet on the comprehensive thorough investigation.

Editor-In-Chief “Censor.NO” promises to inform readers about the investigation regarding the death of an Israeli volunteer and leads him photos.

В Киеве обнаружили мертвого волонтера из Израиля

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