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In Kiev for two days close popular tram route

В Киеве на два дня закроют популярный трамвайный маршрут  Organized temporary bus route.

February 2 and 3 of the tram route №1 will temporarily stop their work. This is due to the renovations of the line of traffic.

The closure of the route will run from 05:00 on 2 February to 05:00 on 4 February.

Planned works on reconstruction of the line is planned on a site from station “Mayakovsky” station “Generala Potapova”. In this period, organized a temporary bus route №1T, which will fully replicate the tram, but with one exception: in the direction of the station, the bus will pass the station “Generala Potapova”. It is also reported that passengers have the right travel on buses for tram travel. The utility ask passengers to accept this information.

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