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In Kiev figured out how to deal with drunk drivers

В Киеве придумали, как бороться с пьяными водителямиIn Kiev monthly catch hundreds of drunk drivers, they issued fines to 55 million.

The number of drunk drivers on the roads of Kiev has not decreased, despite the “draconian” penalties imposed six months ago. Tomorrow at the session of Kyiv city Council deputies will be asked to enter for such motorists criminal liability.

A FINE AND A PRISON. In the agenda of the Thursday session, proposed to toughen penalties for drivers who drive while intoxicated. With such offer deputies of Kyiv are going to appeal to the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet. We will remind, the penalties for drunken driving were increased at the end of July 2016. Minimum increased from 3400 UAH to 10 UAH 200, and at repeated “failures” will now have to pay for 20.4 and 40.8 thousand thousand. But high fines, according to statistics, is not afraid of anyone.

“For six months, from 30 July 2016 to 6 February 2017, under article 130 of the Art “drunk Driving” in Kiev inspectors 5437 composed of the Protocol (that is, on average, approximately 900 cases per month, and the total amount of the fines is at least 55 million UAH. — Ed.). Over this period recorded 94 162 traffic violations”, — told us the police patrol.

For comparison, last year before the introduction of higher fines was approximately 650-700 of these protocols on a monthly basis. “We provide not only further increase the amount of the fine for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but to introduce criminal responsibility for a second offense, perhaps up to a prison sentence. Unfortunately, the fines aren’t effective and awesome measure for such drivers,” explains the initiator of the draft decision, the Deputy of Kyiv Council Oleksandr Pabat.

By the way, in the Kyiv city Council has already prepared and another alcohol treatment in BP — mandatory use in the shuttles of altablagerungen.

BRAWLERS AND ACCIDENTS. Drunk drivers often behave inappropriately. So, a few days ago a drunk driver with his fists lashed out at the cops and tore the license plate off the car of the police. Another drunken motorist had to hold up with the chase — the level of alcohol in his blood 13 times higher than normal.

Not pleased with the statistics on the number of accidents that occurred in the capital caused by drunk drivers. In six months, according to the patrol, recorded 119 such incidents. For example, last Sunday at St. Gradinskoy man “under the weather” to “Audi” went off the roadway and crashed into two parked cars. And at the end of January by a drunk driver on the Volkswagen rammed the place of registration of the accident — injured girl is a COP and another woman.

That will consider the session

Traditionally, the session is not complete without “green” issues. The MPs will create a new Park between Ave and Dovzhenko St. in Darnytskyi district. We are talking about the land area of 7.54 ha around the lake Sribny keel. Shall the session and the controversial issue of renaming of the Museum of Russian art. He offered to return the historical name in 1922 — the national Museum the “Kyiv art gallery”. We discussed other options: a Picture gallery. Tereshchenko, Kyiv national Museum of Oriental art, but for various reasons they were rejected. The profile of the Museum is not going to change.

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