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In Kiev fell sharply, housing prices

В Киеве резко упали цены на жильеIn the capital abruptly fell flat.

In February 2017 in Kiev fell sharply, apartment prices on the secondary market.

Realtors say that the situation was affected by a significant reduction in demand for real estate in old houses — in February it is almost sold.

In this regard, the median price of apartments in February were 9.8% lower than in January — $1053/sq. meter. Most fell in the “kopeck piece”. In this category, the median price dipped for the month by 10%, to $1086/sq. meter. One-bedroom apartments have fallen in price on 7,5%, to $1 thousand./sq m, three-pointers by 8%, to $1024/sq m, four — room apartment-6%, to $1.45 thousand./sq.meter. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Realtors also tell us that the greatest demand is for affordable housing in the range of $30 million (58% of all queries), while paying $70 thousand and more ready only 12% of buyers.

The most expensive in the capital are traditionally caves ($1.9 thousand/sq. m) and Shevchenko ($1, 4 thousand/sq. m) areas, and the cheapest type ($883/sq. m) and Desnyanskiy ($843/sq meter).

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