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In Kiev, expensive new building

В Киеве дорожают новостроиThe cost of housing on the “secondary housing” in the meantime, is reduced.

The average cost of square meter of housing in the primary real estate market in Kiev in March 2017 increased by 0.1% compared with February – up to 23,339 thousand UAH, reported information-analytical portal “Capital estate”.

So, in March 2017, the average cost of 1 square meter on primary real estate market of the capital in the segment of economy-class increased by 0.9% compared with February – up to 16,788 thousand UAH, in the segment of comfort-class – 1 percent to 21,895 thousand UAH, in the segment of business-class – has decreased on 0,02%, to 29,912 thousand UAH, in the premium class increased by 1.2% and totaled 46,393 thousand UAH.

According to analysts, in the structure of supply of primary housing in Kyiv in March 2017, the share of new economy-class amounted to 37%, comfort class -26%, business class – 25%, premium 12%.

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The cheapest apartments in the primary housing market in Kiev in March 2017, was presented in the Desnyansky district (average 16,01 thousand UAH for 1 sq. m), the most expensive – Pechersk district (an average of 38,512 thousand UAH for 1 sq.m).

At the same time on the “secondary market” the average cost of 1 square meter of housing decreased by 0.7% compared with February – up to 1,268 thousand dollars.

The increase in the average dollar prices of apartments in the secondary market of Kiev in March was observed only in the area Desnyanskiy – by 0.1%. In other districts a decrease in average prices ranged from 0.2% in Obolonskyi to 1.5% in Sviatoshyn.

According to analysts, the offer is “secondary” in Kiev in March 2017 increased by 4.9% from the previous month – up to 22,3391 thousand apartments, the increased supply relative to March 2016 is fixed at the level of 16.7%.

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“The largest number of apartments was offered in Darnitskiy area – 16%. In goloseyevsky – 13%, Pechersk and Shevchenko – 12%, in the Dnieper and Solomenskiy – 10%, in svyatoshynskyi – 8%. The smallest proportion represented by the sale of apartments in Obolon – 7%, in the Desna and Podolsky areas – 6%”, – experts say.

Share first offered for sale apartments in the capital in March-2017 of 10.4% of the total proposal.

As reported, in February the average cost of proposition 1 square. m of housing on the secondary real estate market in Kiev in US dollars decreased by 0.7% compared to January – up to 1,277 thousand dollars.

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