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In Kiev ended the season of repair of roads

В Киеве завершился сезон ремонта дорогThis year in the capital have repaired about 300 km of roads.

In “Kievavtodor” has said that road construction season 2017 is nearing completion, while weather conditions — the absence of frost and sleet — even allow for certain types of work. The journalists analyzed, repaired, and what work remains for next year.

Some roads have been repaired in 2017

The company says that this year repaired about 300 km of roads — even more than in 2016 (about 200 km). Capital upgraded the road a huge section of the Ring road, has opened traffic on the viaduct on the Odessa area and at prospect of Science, replaced the asphalt on the Boulevard. Friendship of peoples, held overhaul Povitroflotskyi Avenue, where not only did the new road surface, but “refreshed” sidewalks, lighting and even stop.

“I am pleased that this year finally made the overpass near the metro station “Nivki”, which was leaky as a sieve. I’m passing here at least twice a day. Instead of four lanes here are five, more on the outskirts of the city. Set the separation for the bump — now the drivers will not fly into the oncoming lane. But at the bottom of the overpass work, according to the situation, and did not finish, but promised to do everything this year. Because of this toffee in the hallways before he disappeared,” says the driver, a resident of Svyatoshinsky district, Ihor Kramarchuk.

Among the objects on which work is finished, Pedestrian bridge to Trukhanov island. Did here is completely new multicolored coating, railings, colored lights and a chain arranged sidewalks.

What works on the roads will continue next year

Already in early December, the jams will disappear and on Borshchagovka. In “Kievavtodor” promise for the winter to open the traffic on the ring road interchange at the intersection of PR-the Les Kurbas, Hnat Yura street and pokotylo (“Kolibris”), where the repair started a few months ago. To continue its plan in the spring of 2018. In this area already laid the bottom layer of asphalt pavement. “If after the winter period there are any defects, the contractors must repair them for free,” said the company.

Next year will continue repair work on the street. According to hall, this year, replaced the hatches and storm drain inlets made of two-layer asphalt pavement, markings, sidewalks, established antispermalnye columns (on a site from street of Tolstoy to Bohdan Khmelnytsky): “In 2018, work will continue on the plot from Rylsky lane to St. Andrew’s descent. The overhaul, according to the plan, will be completed in may-June”. Two of the transitional object — the street Teligi and the repair of the highway embankment.

But despite the end of the active phase of the repairs, drivers still will face restrictions. So, until December 20, the inconvenience of waiting for near the South bridge. “BTS Congress in the direction of the Metropolitan highway is installing safety barrier. The movement will be partially limited” — warn in “Kievavtodor.”

В Киеве завершился сезон ремонта дорог
В Киеве завершился сезон ремонта дорог
В Киеве завершился сезон ремонта дорог
В Киеве завершился сезон ремонта дорог
В Киеве завершился сезон ремонта дорог
В Киеве завершился сезон ремонта дорог
В Киеве завершился сезон ремонта дорог

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