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In Kiev drunk Teens fell from the motorbike, escaping from the dogs

Moped driver hospitalized.

On the night of July 19 in Kiev on the street of Marina Tsvetaeva, 8, the accident occurred. Three young men fell from the moped Honda.

The incident happened around midnight.

According to preliminary information, the teenagers were riding a moped on the cycle path which is on the sidewalk. On the vehicle was the guy-the driver and two female passengers. How told the police, during the movement of young people were attacked by dogs.

To be not bitten, the boys tried to save themselves. Unfortunately, to keep the balance failed and the company fell. Note that one girl jumped from the seat before the fall. As a result of incident the driver of a moped was hospitalized in the hospital, and two women received medical assistance on the spot. Despite the fact that he was not yet 18 years old, he had obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication.

At the scene worked as patrol police, medical and investigative team. Note that the time of arrival of militiamen the dog from the place of accident disappeared. The details of the incident are being investigated.

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