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In Kiev can significantly increase the subway fare

В Киеве может существенно подорожать проезд в метроAfter the communal tariffs may increase the cost of travel in the Metropolitan transport.

City hall officially it is not confirmed, but recognize that there is such a need due to the increase in electricity tariffs for enterprises.

If the economic cost analysis will confirm that the fares need to increase in April on a trip to ground transport can cost 5 UAH, and in the subway, at least 7 UAH.

The trip in buses, trams and trolleybuses from April 1 to may become more expensive for 2 UAH. “Due to the cost of electricity has increased the cost of the electric vehicle, additionally, the constantly rising price of fuel and spare parts. Now our economists are rushing the failures of the new tariff. Negotiated tariff 5 UAH. (now – 3),” — say for the record in “Kievpasstrans”.

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But sources in city hall generally argue that the order of the mayor.

“Wanted to UAH 8 to raise to reach payback. But then I decided that it’s too expensive, nobody will not pay. Now the order about increase of tariffs Klitschko”, — tell sources in the KSCA.

At the same time Advisor to the first Deputy head of the Department of Economics KSCA Basil Yastrubinsky although it acknowledges that the calculation of new tariffs for journey underway, but adds that talk about raising premature.

“From April 1, even theoretically, the increase of public transport impossible, as the procedure needs to take some time. Now in the Department of Economics, as far as I know, studied the cost of transportation of passengers by public transport. What will be the consequences of these failures will be known, I think, at the end of March — beginning of April, when will be the results of failures, what is the cost of transportation. After that the city authorities will make the decision — the grant or revision of tariffs”, — told us Yastrubinsky.

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