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In Kiev began to see a lot more hedgehogs

В Киеве стали чаще видеть ежейHedgehogs are trying to prepare for winter.

With the advent of cold weather, hedgehogs often appear in places where the people live, and in a lot of them can be found in city squares and parks.

In the last days in Kiev urchins can be found almost everywhere.

The reason is that in anticipation of winter hibernation the animals are trying to accumulate body fat, and food in sufficient quantities it is easiest to find where people live.

Experts say that hedgehogs could face death from the cold, because to take them into heat to give the opportunity to the winter – right. Many volunteer organizations even organize actions for catching urchins from city streets, to later place them in shelters. However, if you decide to pick up a prickly friend to his home, remember that sweet creature lived in the city, and therefore, the food he was easiest to find in the trash. Hedgehogs can be carriers of many disease-causing bacteria and infection. Of course, to save hedgehogs from death in the cold, can and should, however, taking the baby to her, carefully clean it using disinfectant.

Also important is the time of supply. There is a widespread belief that a good treat for the hedgehog will be the milk. However, it is not, and cow’s milk in 90% of cases can lead the animal to death. The fact that the body of hedgehogs there is no enzyme that breaks down lactose, while cow’s milk contains antibodies that can be dangerous for the body of a hedgehog. It is recommended to feed the guests of the prickly fruits, and meats are good for these purposes may be appropriate cat or dog food in cans.

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