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In Kiev because of the heavy rain had problems with public transport

В Киеве из-за ливня возникли проблемы с общественным транспортом The city suffered from the rain.

Today, August 16, after heavy rain and bad weather for Kiev remain inaccessible to some forms of public transport.

About it informs Department of transport infrastructure of Kyiv city state administration.

Thus, residents will be deprived of movement by public transport: No. 2 and the movement of trolley buses of routes №№22, 27, 30. The movement of trolley buses№2 in the direction m. Shulyavska, trolleybuses №№22, 27, 30 Industrial overpass, and trolley buses of a route №30 “Miloslavskaya str -article Zenit”

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At this time, there are emergency services of the city. It is also known that with 6.15 in St. glubochitskaya, 72 in the direction of the street of Artem blocked the movement of trams of a route № 18 by reason of introduction of tram tracks in the sand. Recovery work is conducted.

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On the street of Liberators, 7 in the direction of the Darnitsa area, the roadway was flooded, traffic is blocked for 29, 50, 50 trolleybus routes.

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