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In Kiev autogamy threatened the activists with violence. Video

В Киеве автохамы угрожали активистам расправой. ВидеоIn the end, the activists called the police.

In the Shevchenko district of Kiev activists tried to deal with drivers who break the Parking rules. Some of the participants of traffic threatened the activists with violence.

The incident occurred on Victory square.

“There is a public transport stop…but the driver decided that this is their stop,” said one of the activists.

He added that the Department store “Ukraine” is a Parking lot, where the first 1.5 hours is free, after which drivers pay for the hour and 15 UAH.

The activists came up to the drivers and informed them that they break the rules. Among several offenders were foreigners in the van, who do not speak the Ukrainian language, but, apparently, still alive in our country. The driver said that he was born in Ukraine.

“You are a Federal project?” – asked the driver.

“What is you project? You ordinary people? You damage going to do” asked the driver.

“If you put a (sticker – ed.) will damage property,” he added.

“Call the police…” said the driver.

During the conversation the activist with the driver, the passenger asked to remove the camera and began to threaten.

“You’re not here in 30 seconds, I swear,” said he.

The driver got out of the vehicle and said that the car will be standing there, because he needs 10 minutes to go. The activist said that he will leave him a written complaint, followed by threat.

Activists pasted on a minibus the driver’s picture with the inscription “beware of moose”.

In the end, the activists were threatened with weapons and ties to the Azerbaijani Embassy.

“I can find you, you don’t know me. I’m with the Embassy, my grandfather from the Embassy of Azerbaijan, I can… Me p***y,” said one of the aliens.

“If my face is on YouTube anywhere, in Kiev will be hunting you,” said the other alien.

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