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In Kiev attacked by the famous Ukrainian singer

В Киеве напали на известную украинскую певицуThe woman stole a bag with documents and money.

On Friday, January 27, in Kiev, the Ukrainian Opera singer and people’s artist Natalia Shelepnytska was attacked near Osokorki.

Shelepnytska clipped the wheel near the shopping center “Arcadia”, which she was forced to stop on the roadside at the gas station when it was attacked by the unknown, breaking the glass and stealing the bag.

“Yesterday I was committed criminal assault. First, cut the wheel in the Parking lot near the shopping center” Arcadia” on Osokorki. When I got in the car, I realized that something wrong. On the panel lit up the signal, but I could still go. Upon arriving to the gas station “WOG”, I was forced to stay on the sidelines, because the car is already very led to the right. Called my husband and at this moment shouting the offender knocks out the side window, grabs a bag and runs away. Glass rained down on me, I was scared so much that I did not immediately realize what is happening,” she said.

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The attacker’s face, the woman is not seen. According to her, he was all in black. After the attack by gunmen got into the car, which was waiting, and fled the scene. It was recorded by a surveillance camera.

“Before my eyes this picture. It’s all in black, his scream with a kick. God forbid anyone is to survive. I thank God that remained alive, and that the pieces do not cut my face and eyes. Surveillance cameras from a gas station shows him after the crime he ran across the road, got in the car, which was waiting for him. The investigator said that they are already a month chasing this car,” said the singer.

In the bag of the victim there was money, documents and a CD with own recordings.

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“I understand that they are interested in money, and a bag with documents they throw. There is a driver’s license, registration, car keys, apartment keys. Investigators say that such cases happen very often now with people,” said the woman.

The singer said that the attackers initially had a different plan of attack on her. They waited for her to get out of the car, leaving a bag there, and then they will easily be able to pick her up.

“They had a different scenario. They thought I was right in the Parking lot out of the car and will inspect a bag left in the car, then for them it would be very easy to steal it. When I drove off from the Parking lot, drove too close to the car and I honked, it was them,” added Shelepnytska.

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