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In Kiev at troyeschina raided “Nalivaiko”

В Киеве на Троещине провели рейд по "наливайкам"On troyeschina poured hundreds of liters of alcohol.

The parks Department, Kyiv city state administration together with people’s deputies raided the Nalivaiko Troyeshchyna.

As reported by the MP Dmitry Belotserkovets, a new RAID on the Nalivaiko and illegal gambling establishments Troyeshchyna, which are in the Kiosks proved to be productive.

Poured hundreds of litres of surrogate alcohol. According to locals, some of this fake even blinded, – says Dmitry Belotserkovets. Workers Nalivaiko, trying to protect their “wealth”, even called the police and the security company.

So, to protect one of their gambling houses, which was in the IAF and accidentally fell under our “distribution”, came security “Sirius”. There, apparently, forgot to ban games in the country.

The smile caused a poster in one of the institutions that promises to return 10% of your losses if you lose there are more than 5000 hryvnia!

The kiosks, in which was recorded the sale of alcohol, will be removed in the near future. Personally it will control. All owners of illegal kiosks to once again warn of alcohol in Kiosks will not be! The city Council decision, adopted on the initiative of the mayor of the capital, will run even the most radical methods, the main result.

The RAID was attended by Borislav Birch, Taras stocking, Andrey Andreev, Andrey Fischuk. Video available in Facebook.

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