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In Kiev, a woman killed his brother

В Киеве женщина убила своего братаThe murder occurred on troyeschina.

Militiamen detained the girl, who a month and a half ago, brutally stabbed 30-year-old man.

Then, 2nd January, in one of the apartments at the Metropolitan Troyeshchina in one of the residential apartments in the residential area on the street of Marina Tsvetaeva police found the body of a young man with multiple stab wounds.

The brutality with which had committed the massacre, was amazed even skilled field investigators.

The deceased was 30-year-old landlord. All the while, the police searched for the murderer of a young inhabitant of Kiev.

At the moment it is known that the light guy sent his own sister. That day they quarreled and the girl, clutching his knife several times to put it in the body of a relative. After this she went.

From the received wounds from Kiev died on the spot.

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