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In Kiev, a schoolboy smashed the teacher’s head with a chair

В Киеве школьник проломил учителю голову стуломTeacher with severe wounds is in hospital.

Today, September 10, science lessons in one of Kiev schools ended in a bloody tragedy: eighth grade student was so upset over bad grades for independent work, launched at the teachers chair.

Smashing woman with chair the head, the student has not calmed down, and added her back multiple stab wounds with scissors.

All this happened in front of other students.

Now a teacher with extremely severe injuries is in the hospital, she has already had several operations. Children who witness a violent incident, work psychologists.

The attacking child is in a state of shock, he was hospitalized. According to TV channel, he was the new kid in class, but early aggression did not show.

In school № 94, he was transferred from Ivano-Frankivsk. They point out that the teacher was an older woman, worked for many years at this school.

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