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In Khmelnytsky the builders found a gun from Soviet tank

В Хмельницком строители нашли пушку от советского танкаDiscovery of interest to historians.

In Khmelnytsky during the construction of the found gun, the Soviet KV-2 tanks. His hypothesis of local historian Igor Zapadenka described in Facebook.

“Something that sticks out from under the Foundation, most likely a gun M-10T Soviet tank KV-2. It lies below the surface, under a layer of brick rubble, but not deep. The entire tank and the turret of the KV-2 there will not fit. So, most likely, from the Foundation office will have the gun M-10T without the tower,” wrote the historian.

“In the place where to build the office center, in Soviet times there was a ramp for loading Military equipment on the railway platforms. I suspect that this ramp has made even the Germans, as in the presence of a photo of the end of March 1944, where the neighboring market square (now the territory of the city hospital) there are a lot of German armored vehicles that did not take,” suggested Zapadenka.

Journalists of the local newspaper “Independent community portal”, head of Department of protection of monuments of history and culture in the Khmelnitsky region with the Department of culture of regional state administration Sergey Shpakovsky said that the discovery can be part of the KV-2 or a gun, perhaps from the train.

“It is important that the joint efforts of the activists, pamatkomponenti, was stopped by the fact of its concealment builders. Drafted legislation passed in the municipal enterprise of the city Council. After detailed studies and assessments will be known, year of manufacture, brand and so Think we have done everything possible to make this unique artifact added to the Museum of the history of Khmelnytskyi” he said.

Shpakovsky added that construction work is stopped, pyrotechnics DSNS needs to examine in detail adjacent to the territory finds in the case of related findings.

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