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In Khmelnytsky at the head of the village Council salary twice more than those of Groisman

На Хмельнитчине у главы сельсовета зарплата в два раза больше, чем у ГройсманаIvan Burlaka received 68 thousand UAH of wages.

In December 2016, the head of Yampol village Council of the Belogorsky district, Khmelnitsky region Ivan Burlaka received 68 thousand UAH of wages. Also, significant payments were employees of the office of the Council.

Such information “Independent public portal,” confirmed a local MP and member of the budgetary Commission Alexander Trojan.

According to him, the first financial issue was raised in November last year, when MPs voted in favor of awarding the President of the Council in the amount of 200%. The money that came out about 6-8 thousand UAH, the salary of the official.

Subsequently, for adjustment of salaries of the staff of the Yampil’s’kyi village Council members come to the December session.

“We set an example of the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy, which is to pay surcharges of 10 salaries. I spoke out against. Then agreed, and to the deputies invited to vote for 5 basic salaries. About it should be 15 thousand UAH. But all MPs were misled and in the end the decision of the prescribed 5 monthly salaries, who were members of staff of Council,” explained Trojan.

Thus, elected officials allocated 200 thousand UAH of the budget. Of these, 68 thousand UAH counted the President of the Council, Ivan Burlaka, 39.6 thousand UAH the Deputy Chairman of the village Council, 33,4 thousand UAH – to the Secretary of the Council.

“In our village Council – a lot of problems: there is a kindergarten in which children sleep in the beds of Nikita Khrushchev; there are no roads, broken bridge across the river Goryn. That’s what you have to spend money”, – said the Deputy.

In comments to the edition, the head of Yampol village Council Ivan Burlaka denied the allegations, saying that the deputies voted for 5 monthly salaries, not salaries.

“I have not received 68 thousand. My average monthly salary is about 11 thousand UAH. In the end, on his hands was not more than 50 thousand hryvnia. Moreover, as the Chairman of the village Council, on their trip they spent much more money without taking a penny from the budget,” the official said, adding that in the fourth quarter of 2016 and his salary was 87 thousand UAH.

Now Starokonstantinovsky the local Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings on signs of the criminal offense under part 1 St. 366 Criminal code of Ukraine (forgery).

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