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In Kherson the mother of a third grader beat up a teacher in front of students

В Херсоне мать третьеклассника избила учительницу на глазах у школьниковThe teacher is 60 years old did not resist and tried to escape

In the Kherson school №9 the mother of third-grade student beat the teacher-the pensioner in front of the children. The mother then ran after the teacher to the principal’s office.

“After the fifth lesson, the teacher brought a third class into the school yard. Immediately after that there began to emerge the students of another class. Children parents came, and with them – and the mother of a third grader. She jumped to the teacher and began to beat her, not holding back power”, – told the publication Director of the school Lyudmila Martyniuk.

According to her, any resistance to the teacher in the age of 60 to provide could not only tried to escape. She ran into the hall, but she continued to pursue.

“Right, during a meeting with the participation of six employees opened the door, and there runs the teacher shouting: “help! Me beat!” And right behind her comes aggressive Stalker. To calm her down, I had to call the police and private security service”, – said the Director.

Noted that his son attacking his mother is studying in the inclusive class with students with disabilities. The school management decided to send the young rowdy (he is disabled) for a medical examination to determine the need for psychological correction and transfer to a school for such children.

“Hearing this, the mother initially did not allow the boy to school, explaining that he was ill. And then she began to sort things out with the teacher that is blamed,” – said in school.

It is known that medics arrived on the scene, identified the teacher chest trauma (probably from a blow with a fist) and situational neurosis. She had to take sick leave due to pressure increase.

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