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In Kharkov told about the protracted

В Харькове рассказали о долгострояхCitizens invested in the construction of apartments in the $50-70 thousand, and waiting for them for years.

Kharkov is growing and constantly built up with new residential and shopping complexes, which regularly move in tenants and renters. However, there are in the city and the objects that build up over decades and they have earned the title of the protracted. Today I decided to learn how do things stand with the long-suffering construction projects.

One of the long-term construction — “Kharkiv-arena” near the sports Palace on Prospekt Petra Grigorenko. This Palace had become a complex of six thousand spectators. At city hall, expressed their willingness to build the Arena in 2015, but the situation has not changed. But if we are talking about houses, then we can speak about the significant financial losses of the people, who invested in construction and can not enter into paid housing. Unfortunately, no criminal proceedings, no lawsuits, no appeals to the officials of different ranks can’t move from a dead point. In architecture and construction management HOGAN said that are monitoring the condition of such objects, but to intervene in the economic activities of developers can not.

Waiting for 10 years: built for less than half of the house

Unfinished street Spring called Kharkov “Elita-center”. Even 10 years ago, about 70 people have invested in the future of the apartment is a 16-floor building in Saltovka for $50-70 thousand. In 2008, the developer abruptly stopped work at the facility, having built a total of six floors. The house is unfinished, and people are unable to return the money. The Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings for fraud.

Fight: questioning and meeting with the mayor

House on Victory Avenue, 61-a, was put into operation in 2008, but until now, tenants can’t move in. The building is not glazed all the floors, not all the elevators and doors, not installed heating. “For 2008 for his future apartment residents paid 56 million, although the project building a house worth 12 million hryvnia less,” — told us the coordinator of the initiative group of investors Alexander Petrushkin. In the construction invested around 190 people.

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Investors are fighting for their apartments for several years: met with the mayor Gennadiy Kernes, write letters to the Cabinet and the President, are expected to meet with Governor Julia Svetlichnaya. Also people have the opening of criminal proceedings on the fact of fraud of the Builder.

“The matter has been the investigation Department of the police in the area. Representatives of the developer is regularly invited for questioning”, — said Alexander Petrushkin. Investors want to surrender the house this year.

Promises: debt and homeless

Another one under construction, which invested future residents of the apartments located on the Avenue of Heroes of Stalingrad. It planned to build a complex of three 16-storey houses and a shopping and office center with underground Parking. The first residential section was to be operational in 2009, but this still has not happened. Investors told us that in the first section of the apartment bought about a hundred families. Many people still pay taken for home purchase loans, and the developer promises to pass the house. Shareholders constantly appeal to the city authorities and deputies.

Now the developer of this house does not sell.

“Buy only from the shareholders. We will begin to sell only after putting the house in operation,” — told us in the organizational and commercial Department of the company.

Slowed down: shopping center with Parking and fountain

Ten years ago, at the beginning of Pushkinskaya street dug a huge pit for the construction of the shopping center. Construction stopped, and after a few years, officials have found other Builder. The fashionable shopping center “Nikolsky” with underground Parking and a new fountain construction company wanted in 2014, then in 2017. Now the company deadline, the SEC not called. “Construction not frozen, but is not as active as planned,” said the developer.

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Completed: a new purpose

In the area of metro station “Cold mountain” was planning to build a large hospital complex that would serve the residents of the nearby area, but in the early 1990s due to lack of financing, construction stopped. A few years abandoned the territory was guarded by dogs, and when they are removed, the construction site turned into a dump. In the brick box building clinic lived homeless and was going to other antisocial people. Later the unfinished building fenced with a metal fence.

The medikit city to finish did not become, having decided that the need for such a facility is no. In 2014, a portion of the holodnogorsko supermarket “Growth” in the street of Vladimir Usenko, interested in the company, which owns a chain of supermarkets. As told “Today” the Chairman of the administration Holodnogorsko district Maxim Museev, the investor purchased the abandoned building has completed its construction and improved the adjacent territory. Ostukraine grey five-storey building of the former clinic now looks decent. Now there are offices and a dormitory for employees of the investor company.

“The ark”: the criminal cases

Administrative-trade centre “the Ark” at the intersection of Klochkovskaya, Space and Romain Rolland began building 10 years ago. But work there also stopped.

In 2014, the city Council extended the Builder the land lease agreement, so he continued to build the object. Then the building was set at 40%, but construction stopped again and has not resumed to this day. Later it became known that in respect of a construction company was prosecuted on bankruptcy, and in respect of its Directors openly criminal proceedings on the fact of fraud. The decision of Dzerzhinsky district court discussed the fact that the participants invested in the construction of the business center of more than 50 million UAH, and in law enforcement has any reason to believe that the money was not used for this purpose.

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