- услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.
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In Kharkov, a significantly more expensive fare in the shuttles

В Харькове существенно подорожал проезд в маршруткахCarriers have raised prices, and complain that do not receive compensation for journey of exempts.

In Kharkov buses increased travel. Already yesterday most of the buses have price tags with figures 6 and 6.5 UAH. The townspeople are outraged by the rising cost of services, however, some transporters have refused to withdraw the route large buses due to losses.

As reported Today the Director of the infrastructure Department of the mayoralty Sergey Dulfan, tariffs raised, almost all the carriers in the city. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Under the existing legislation they independently set fares. The carriers filed tariffs to the city Council, we agreed. The increase was mainly one hryvnia, on some routes — less,” — said the official.

In announcing the new price, which appeared in the bus, says that the rise in price due to rising cost of fuel and spare parts.

“Carriers are the same workers, like everyone else, and raising the minimum wage, increasing the share of taxes they also touched upon. If we consider creeping inflation, when every day everything becomes more expensive including spare parts and fuel, reason for that they have,” — said Sergey Dulfan.

The last time the fare in Kharkov buses was increased in the spring of 2015. According to the Director of the Department of infrastructure, carriers decided to increase tariffs because it soon may become more expensive travel on public transport. Previously, they could not raise the price, because they were afraid of losing passengers due to the large difference in price with the trams and trolleybuses.

Carriers say that even this increase is not a panacea.

“We are not cutting drivers do not remove jobs, and therefore were forced to take this step, to somehow exist. For us, this increase is a drop in the ocean”, — says the Director of the transport company OOO “Nemo, LTD” Rafik Gadirov. The fare has increased on all routes, except one, No. 223, where there is free travel for beneficiaries. In such social bus fare remained the same — UAH 1. Carrier complains: privileged use of all buses, but for ticketless travel in the past year, the company payment is not received. To talk more about the tariff structure, the carrier did not want to, citing commercial secrecy.

Personal anonymous interview the driver of a minibus №304 complained: if the route has a large bus MAN or Setra, it is filling in the day cost nearly 3000 UAH. These expenses are not covered by revenue, and large buses recently just stopped to leave. Fuel for a smaller bus costs about 1500 UAH however in the morning hours to accommodate all passengers, he can not.

“Indeed, the operation of large buses on different routes were suspended due to the fact that at the current fuel consumption and load at rush hour was not enough cash to cover the costs,” confirmed Sergey Dulfan.

Hope that higher prices will lead to the renewal of the minibuses, to improve their condition, the transport workers do not even give and say the new tariff will only help them stay afloat.

By the way, this year travel has risen in many Ukrainian cities, but in Konotop Sumy region have reduced tariffs. In January, the carriers going out on routes, demanding to raise fares from 3 to 5 UAH. The municipality is obliged to reduce to 2.5 UAH and broke treaties with those who did not obey.

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