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In Kharkiv, a drunk man opened fire

В Харькове пьяный мужчина устроил стрельбу Armed man arrested.

On the night of 26 September, the Kharkiv patrol received a report that on the Avenue Alexander heard popping like gunshots.

The patrol found the applicant he heard the sounds, and the examination of the adjacent territory stumbled on a stranger with a package in his hands.

According to the police, having seen militiamen, the man went to meet them. The patrol conducted a cursory check of her husband, which resulted in the pack found a hunting rifle.

The police have established the identity of the detainee – he was 42-the summer inhabitant of Kharkov.

The patrol man said that the weapon found in a long time, and the day after drinking alcohol, decided to shoot.

Into place caused it is investigative-task force.

В Харькове пьяный мужчина устроил стрельбу

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