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In Kemerovo the drunk man unleashed the dog fighting a COP

В Кемерово пьяный человек натравил бойцовскую собаку на полицейскогоA police officer was forced to use against the attacker’s physical strength

Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across the Kemerovo region opened a criminal case against a resident of the city of Kemerovo, which incited the dog of combative breed of police officer

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According to investigators, the incident occurred on July 28 on a street in the Leninsky district of the regional center. The suspect, being in alcohol intoxication and keeping a dog on a leash, approached the police officer and demanded his ID card. COP asked why I should have to show ID, but introduced the document.

“The officer explained to the citizen that the appearance in a state of intoxication in a public place is an administrative offence in connection with which suggested the man go into the police car. However, the attacker is executing the legal requirements of the police officer began to set the dog on him. It is noteworthy that the dog was without a muzzle”, — stated in the message.

It clarifies the consequence, at this time, the street came the girlfriend of the suspect, she took the dog from him and took it. The COP again asked the man to go into the service car, he refused and struck the employee several kicks.

“Police were forced to use against the attacker’s physical force to put him in handcuffs. Then the suspect was taken to the police Department for further investigation”, — noted in the SUCK.

In the end, 37-summer kemerovchanin became the figurant of criminal case under article “attempted use of violence not dangerous for life or health, against a representative of authorities”, the maximum penalties which include up to 5 years imprisonment. The investigation is ongoing.

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