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In Kazakhstan reburied the remains of the legendary “Golden man”

В Казахстане перезахоронят останки легендарного "Золотого человека" Amazing discovery made half a century ago.

Come 2019, which is the anniversary of the famous attractions of Kazakhstan – the “Golden man” – archeological findings comparable with those of the Egyptian king Tutankhamun. 50 years ago, there was accidentally discovered a unique burial of Saka warrior, who was later called Golden for the numerous ornaments of precious metal in the attire. And made these ornaments so skillfully that they amaze scientists all over the world.

What marked the anniversary of the “Golden man”? A copy may again waiting for a tour of the countries of near and far abroad, he will continue to amaze and fascinate many tourists. But not only the new year for the Saka warrior will be significant because solved urgently to rebury his remains.

The reburial will take place at the old Sakae custom, which is reconstructed by historians and researchers of the reserve-Museum “Issyk”, where the vaults are stored the bones of an unknown young warrior, most likely a member of the Royal family (as established scholars, he was no more than 16 years, and killed the warrior with a dagger in the back).

Unfortunately, Kazakhstan Tutankhamun, as it is called among the archaeologists have not survived the head, she was crushed by a fallen beam of the sarcophagus. It is not possible to conduct a DNA examination on the teeth (very simple) and learn a lot more about the ancient warrior and the time in which he lived. Says scientific Secretary of the Museum “Issyk” Dosym of Ikiria available bone material would be enough to conduct a more complex DNA examination, but it can be done only abroad, say, in the laboratories of Japan or the United States. The Museum is not for the money, and the Kazakh authorities are not interested in such non-profit spending.

The reburial of the bones of the “Golden man” is critically important: it is the only way to preserve the biological material for researchers of the future. The remains of the soldier will be placed in a special capsule, where they will not be destroyed, being exposed to the environment. Today the bones of a Regal warrior are in a deplorable condition; for a long time they were considered lost, recently found them by accident in the archives of the forensic Institute of the district town of Esik. Therefore, according to Sikire, it is necessary urgently to save what remained.

Of course, the original (kept in the State Museum of gold and precious metals, Astana), and copies of the statue of Altyn Adam, as it is called here, and dedicated to him a Museum exhibition is not going anywhere. “The Golden man” will remain the official symbol of the country, as they write, scientists and journalists, and students – to read in the history books. Remain mint in honor of Kazakhstan of Tutankhamun coins, but… despite his international fame (one of the copies is, even in the UN) scientists do not know about this archaeological gem is nothing concrete, even the floor of the warrior is not defined (it may not be the young man and the girl).

This, of course, does not prevent people to admire and marvel at the remarkable relic, which, hopefully, will wait researchers proludic light on the mysteries of the “Golden man”. This is I hope the staff of the reserve-Museum “Issyk”, trying to save for the future precious biological material…

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