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In just 15 years, the scientists said, when the US will switch to green energy

Всего 15 лет: ученые рассказали, когда США перейдут на зеленую энергию So, after 15 years in the country without harming the economy to produce green energy.

About the journal Nature, said scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) and Fusion Systems, which have started cooperation in this area

According to them, this development will put an end to the dependence of mankind from expensive fossil fuels — primarily oil, coal, oil shale, natural gas, peat and slow the processes of climate change. The developers added that before such work was a relatively expensive experiment, which demanded more effort and money than produce the result. However, the staff at MIT believe they have found a way to produce “green” energy is faster and cheaper. Their system is built on a new class of high temperature superconductors, heavy duty small magnets, for the first time will provide a fusion reaction that produces more energy than is required for the operation of the reactor.

Breakthrough scientists has occurred due to the fact that they were able to use the new type of superconductors for the production of small powerful magnets, a key component of fusion reactors. The magnets create a field to hold the reaction melting on the spot, not caprichosa it with the walls of the reactor; thus, the problem of melting of the plasma heated to a million degrees Celsius.

The MIT project and Fusion Systems has already collected $ 50 million from the Italian energy company Eni, the money will go to build a reactor. Their project, called Sparc, will be able to produce enough energy for consumption by the population of a small town. However, the developers are not sure that 15 years is enough to switch to full-scale production of “green” energy.

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