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In Japan, the robot is able to find unusual jobs

В Японии робот смог устроиться на необычную работуThe responsibilities of the robot is conducting the funeral.

In Japan, work is already beginning to take on human responsibilities and the profession: for example, humanoid robot Pepper, developed by SoftBank Robotics, has mastered the profession of a priest is reading a funeral prayer at a Buddhist ceremony.

While this event served from the point of view of economy, because the costs of a Buddhist funeral ceremony can amount to several thousand dollars, and that’s Nissei Eco company claims that the use of such robots as Robert will make the procedure available to the poor.

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To perform the role of a priest entrusted humanoid Robot Pepper, which has previously been taken to work in the hospital and pizzeria. Humanoid machine needs to conduct the ritual service, chanting Buddhist sutras.

The replacement of the living of the priest’s work has reduced the cost of a funeral in 50,000 yen (about 9000 USD). The company believes that their service is suitable for customers who are looking for a cheaper alternative to the traditional funeral rite.

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