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In Japan showed how to fly the chair-drone. Video

В Японии показали, как летает стул-беспилотник. ВидеоAbandoning one’s own frame in the cargo drone allows you to transport objects of complex shape

The Japanese company Prodrone presented modular multirotor platform PD-ANY, which allows you to turn the drone in almost any object. The developers have demonstrated the capabilities of the platform on the example of the flying chair and carrying the table with the help of rotors. Characteristics PD-ANY is published on the website of the manufacturer.

Today’s multi-rotor drones allow you to move loads weighing from several kilograms to several tons. The vast majority of cases, these drones require careful stowage, which may not be very convenient due to complex geometry or dimensions of the subject. In order to solve the problem of transportation of such objects, the Japanese offered to abandon its own frame in the construction of a cargo drone.

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Platform PD-ANY represents a set of individual modules with the rotor and the control electronics. Each module is physically attached to the goods separately and allows you to turn the transported object in the Quad or hexacopter. Each module is an independent device, equipped with its own battery and electronics. Once the user has set the main module, the rest work under his leadership as a single aircraft.

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A set of four modules weighs four kilograms and is able to transport cargo weighing up to 15 kilograms. The platform has a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour and can stay in the air for 10 minutes. About a possible series production and the product price is not reported.

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