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In Japan have created a robot made of balloons

В Японии создали робота из воздушных шаров The machine body is made of matter, filled with helium.

In Japan, engineers have created a robot out of thin material filled with helium.

The machine reaches a length of 65 feet (about 20 meters) and her weight is only 1.2 kg.

As reports the edition, the robot can easily fit in the trunk of the car.
It is reported that the whole secret of the slight weight of the device is that it is made of fabric, filled with helium, and very easy.

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Robot called Giacometti Arm can be controlled by artificial “pneumatic muscle”, mounted on the outer side of the Assembly.

According to engineers, the car is not designed to work with heavy loads, and its purpose is considered in the future in search and rescue operations.

Earlier it was reported that photos of Asian robot was not accepted, considering his narrow eyes closed in the picture.

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