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In Japan cats have foreseen the tremors. Video

In the video you can notice that the animals felt the earthquake in advance.

Cats can sense natural disasters. Previously, this was considered only a theory, but now it has a reliable confirmation. The following video was made in the Japanese city of Wakayama in the last month, however, the wide spread of the Internet received only today.

The video shows the so-called “cat café”, where every visitor can not only enjoy a Cup of coffee with dessert, but also to play with purrs. On the morning of 18 June, there occurred an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 points, in which 5 people were killed and 395 were injured varying degrees of severity.

Unusual pictures show, as approximately 10 seconds before the beginning of intense aftershocks all the cats in the room at once shuddered and raised his head, and some even began to restlessly run on the floor. Thus, it is obvious that animals feel the approach of earthquakes before started to have severe tremors and tremors.

It turns out that house cats can be doubly useful for those who live in the area of enhanced seismic activity like the land of the rising sun. If a pet suddenly begins to behave anxiously, immediately grabbed him up and get out of harm’s way in the door, and even better – leave at the time of the building.

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