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In Japan allowed same-sex marriages

В Японии разрешили однополые бракиThe first documents received six pairs.

In the Japanese city of Chiba Prefecture for the first time the country has officially recognized same-sex unions.

29 January in the city, the ceremony of issuing the special certificates confirming the relationship between not to conclude the marriage is officially people and non-traditional couples. The event was attended by six couples.

The introduction of such a system is the first in Japan. It does not provide the recipient of the certificate of the special statuses, but allows you to use various services and benefits available to ordinary families.

In particular, now gay couples will now be able to apply for government housing for couples. The certificate also will help with visiting loved ones in hospital.

In order to obtain the document, applicants must be at least 20 years, they should not be married and must live in Chiba.

Same-sex marriage in Japan is officially banned.

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